Meet Danielle

Hi!  I’m Danielle.  I’m a wife and mom to 2 girls who keep me busy!  I’ve battled anxiety, depression and my weight pretty much my whole life. I let them get the best of me time and time again.  Then in 2011, my youngest daughter was diagnosed, at 5 years old, with OCD.  Our life was miserable.  It took everything I had to get through a day.  Her OCD took over my life.  It was all consuming finding her doctors, medicine and doing therapy.  It affected our entire family and we were all miserable.  There were tears and screaming daily.  I was a terrible mom & wife.  I actually got so upset one day I kicked the wall and put my foot through it.   I spiraled down into a deep, dark place within my own anxiety and depression and didn’t think I’d ever come back out.   During this time I had my 3rd knee surgery (June 2015) and put on more weight while recovering.  I was miserable and disgusted with myself.

The Change

I finally got fed up and decided it was time to put myself first. I started working out and eating right and making time for me.  It made a huge improvement, not only in my life, but for my family. I’m happier, more productive, I sleep better and my anxiety and depression are so much better. At first I felt guilty taking time for myself (what mom doesn’t?) but now I see it makes me a better mom, wife, friend, person! And I’m so proud of the example I’m setting for my girls. It’s not about being skinny, it’s about being healthy!

Once I saw what an improvement this was making for my family I wanted to help others do the same.  Becoming a Health & Fitness Coach and a Mental Health Advocate has been a great way for me to share our story.  My biggest passion and mission with my coaching is to show others how beneficial exercise and eating right is to mental health. Mental health and physical health go together and I really don’t think you can have one without the other.

Is this the place for me?

This site is for all those people out there who are where I was.  For those moms, looking for a way to improve themselves.  For those moms who have lost a little of themselves after having kids.  For those people who are down in the deep, dark place looking for a way out.  For all those with a loved one who is suffering from mental illness.  For those who are trying to keep themselves out of the pit of depression.  For all those people who just know that their life and their health isn’t where they want it to be.

On this site I’ll share about where we have been on our journey and where we are going.  I’ll share support and ideas that you can use to improve your body and mind.  I’ll share some crazy stories about my daughters because we all need to laugh.  I’ll share my life so that you don’t feel alone in this journey.

My Transformation

The day after I turned 40, I started the 21 Day Fix program and drinking Shakeology!

I was super skeptical because I’d tried so many other things that didn’t work or didn’t work for long.  What was going to make this one different?  But I figured it was 21 Days so why not go for it.  I lost 5lb and 9.5 inches and I felt so much better!!  I had to keep feeling this way so there was no looking back.  I immediately started another round and lost another 4lb and 4 inches!  This program took what I considered the best of all the other programs I had tried and rolled it up into one perfect package!


You might be surprised to find out….

In 2014, I taught myself to crochet using online tutorials to help my anxiety.

I’m a Black Belt in Tang Soo Do and working towards my 2nd Degree.

I played 4 instruments in high school (flute, piccolo, alto and tenor sax).