Life is tough – But so am I

Haven’t written a blog in almost a month.  We aren’t in the best of places right now.  OCD is running our lives.

OCD sucks

We normally spend almost a week at my in-laws lake house over the 4th of July. This year because the OCD is so bad we decided to only go for two or three nights. After attempting to visit my family for a few days we decided G and I shouldn’t even go. Hubby and my older daughter left on Sunday and we stayed home and did some things here.

Decided to attempt to salvage some family time and G and I drove 3 hours today to be there with them. Should not have gone. She had a little fun but it was more trouble than it was worth. OCD ruined everything and she and I ended up driving home that night. We were gone a total of 12 and 1/2 hours and 6 of them were driving. I hate this miserable disease and all that it is stealing from us. She is getting worse by the day. Our time at Mayo can’t come quick enough. Praying it helps.  And after we got home I ate a bunch of junk food because I stress eat. So now not only was I mad at OCD but I was mad at myself too


Focusing on the positive was something I’d been doing well on but it’s been a struggle lately. Things are tough so I’ve been feeling pretty negative. It’s affecting me mentally of course but also physically. I’m tired, achy, grumpy, and just blah. I’m working hard to focus my efforts on positive again because I hate feeling like this and being negative isn’t solving anything!

About a year ago I got this tattoo on my forearm. It stands for courage, strength and faith. I got it so that I can always see it and be reminded that I have these things. Lately I’ve been forgetting.

I’ve been listening to an audio book recently and it talked about having a “headstone” something in front of you, that you see often, to remind you that you are working towards your goals. That is the exact reason I got this tattoo but I haven’t been using it that way lately.

I’ve started reminding myself every time I see the tattoo and it’s helping me to feel stronger mentally.

I’m doing everything I can do be strong for myself and for my family.  Life is not an excuse! Heading to Mayo Clinic next week.  Say a prayer for us!


Stop using life as an excuse

Posted by Danielle Springer – Healthy Living on Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Beachbody 3 Day Refresh – My experience

3 Day Refresh

Over the last few months we’ve had so much going on in life that I’ve let my nutrition slack some.  I really started to feel it lately.  The scale is stuck, my brain is foggy, and I feel blah a lot.  Finally I decided to do something about it.  I know a lot of people who have done the 3 Day Refresh from Beachbody and had great success.  They’ve lost 3-5 lb. and just felt better all around.   In this blog I’ll share my experience with it.

Full disclaimer: I am a Beachbody Coach.  If you purchase anything through the links in the post I will be paid commission.  You’ll also get me as your Coach to help you!

3 day refresh update

Posted by Danielle Springer on Friday, June 2, 2017

Day 1 – Wednesday May 31st

I started the day with my workout (I did a Country Heat video since they recommend a light workout while doing the refresh) then I had my Chocolate Shakeology.  I got my before pictures, weight and measurements  I followed the plan exactly and honestly wasn’t hungry, other than when I was supposed to be.  It was pretty easy to do (except for the Fiber Sweep!  That is gross!)

These are my meals from Day 1, other than my Shakeology since I drank it before I remembered to take a picture.

3 day refresh food


Day 2 – Thursday June 1st

Got my workout done first thing as usual (another Country Heat video) it’s not a hard workout for me but boy do I miss my Energize! It really makes such a huge difference in how much energy I have to give my workouts.   Had my shake for breakfast while driving kids to school.   I was dreading the Fiber Sweep but I tried making it with less water so I could get it down faster.  I chugged it like I was back in college and got it down better than the 1st day.  Oh wait, what am I saying?  I NEVER went to parties and drank in college 🙂  I did make a small tweak today and had an extra fruit serving after my karate class.

Day 2 meals & snack

3 day refresh food

Day 3 – Friday June 2nd

Finished another Country Heat video today and had my shake while getting ready for the day.  I’ve got a busy day so while I had some time this morning I got my lunch and dinner together so they are already in the fridge to just grab when I’m hungry.  Did the Fiber Sweep with less water again today but I’m not gonna lie, I’m glad that was the last one.  Today I was hungrier than I was the other days.  I was also really tired, but I also didn’t sleep great (Thanks, anxiety).  I made another tweak here and I had my dinner salad before my daughter’s volleyball game and my shake after.

Day 3 meals & snack


Results – Saturday June 3rd

It’s results day.  I’m pleased to say I lost 4 lb. and 1” from my waist.  I’m not really feeling as good as I had hoped to but I’ve heard sometimes things continue to detox for a few more days so we’ll see.  I did learn that I haven’t been spacing my meals and snacks out well which could very well be messing with my metabolism.  Often, I wouldn’t eat anything until after being up almost 3 hours and then wouldn’t eat again for over 4 hours.  I was eating most of my Portion Fix Containers in the afternoon and evening.  I’m going to work on changing that.  Hopefully that will help me shed these last 10 lb.

So would I recommend the 3 Day Refresh?  I’m betting you are thinking “Of course, she will!  She’s a Coach and she wants to make money off of me!”  Well, honestly I will say I’m not sure I’d do it again, at least not anytime soon.  I mean, yes I lost 4 lb. in 3 days but, I think this type of thing just isn’t for me.  Not saying it’s a bad product or it didn’t work, just not for me.  Who knows, maybe I’ll try it again at some point.  So should you try it?  That’s up to you.  Do you want to drop a few pounds in just a few days?  Have your eating habits gotten out of control and you need a jump start?  Then the 3 Day Refresh may be perfect for you.  If you aren’t sure, contact me and we can talk about it.







I’m Human

I’ve been sharing a lot on Facebook lately about how I’ve been struggling with making the right choices.  Many might wonder,

“Why are you telling us this?”

“You’re the Coach!  You’re supposed to be perfect!”

Heck no!!  I’m HUMAN!  Everyone makes poor choices and falls off the healthy lifestyle wagon from time to time.  That’s called LIFE!

Not in it for the short term

not short term lifestyle change choices

If I was in this to just focus on losing weight this month or just doing this 30, 60, whatever day program then yeah I could probably be perfect for that time period.  But is that livable?  NO!  I’m in this for LIFE so I need to make it livable.  Things will come up in life where for whatever reason we can’t or just don’t want to, make the right choices.  And that’s OK!



For example, yesterday we celebrated L’s birthday with her friends. There was pizza and cake. The stress and anxiety the party caused me led me to make very poor choices. Boy did my body feel it last night!! I’m not beating myself up for it, it’s life, I’m human. But I am moving on and today is a new day and back on track!

The important part of a healthy lifestyle is to make the right choices MOST of the time!  And to get right back on track after making some poor choices.  I love this saying

eat like crap smash phone choices


Just because you make one poor choice doesn’t mean you need to continue to make them.  The longer you take to get back on track they harder it will be.

Make the choice TODAY to be healthy!!

I’d love it if you took a moment to comment below with a healthy choice you made today!

What’s your why?

What’s your why?

Have you been asked that?  “What’s your why?”  Why are you trying to get/stay healthy and fit? What’s your motivation?


I was always trying to get skinny.  I wanted to have that body society says we should have. Yes I needed to lose weight to be healthier but that wasn’t why I was doing it.  And more often than not, I wasn’t enjoying the process or getting good results.


When I started using the Beachbody programs and products they talked about finding your why.  So I dug down deep and I found it.  I’m doing this because I need to be strong and to set a good example for my girls.

My Whys

I don’t want my girls to grow up with the weight problems I had.  I want them to be healthy. I don’t want them to get picked on or to stay strongmiss out on things because of their weight.  I remember many times missing out on something because of my weight or my knee problems (or using them as an excuse).  It’s not about them being skinny, it’s about them being healthy and happy.

I want, no need, to be strong both physically and mentally. With my own battles with mental illnesses and my daughter’s I need to be at my best to fight our demons.  In October 2016, I drove across several states with just my daughter to take her to an Intensive Anxiety/OCD Treatment program at Mayo Clinic (you can read about that here).  If I’d have had to do that in the past I couldn’t have.  I wasn’t strong enough.  I was worried about how we’d both handle it but we did better than I thought we could.  I know if I wasn’t feeling at my best things would have been a whole lot harder on us.

I’ve got a strong why now and now I enjoy the process of being healthy (most of the time!) and I get results!

What’s your WHY? Comment below and tell me! I’d love to hear from you!

Back to Basics (I fall off the wagon sometimes too)

Time for some honesty

As I’ve shared previously, I’ve been on a healthy living journey for about 18 months now.  It’s not always easy and I fall off the wagon just like anyone else.  I’m only human after all.

I’ve been going through the motions for a few weeks, probably months now. Things have been rough at home.  My husband has been working late most nights.  G’s OCD has come back just about as bad as before we went to Mayo Clinic (you can read about that here if you are interested). Thankfully, now we have the tools to get her back on track but doing all those exposures is exhausting for her and me.  This leaves me open to falling back into my anxiety and depression, which leads to my bad habits.

I’ve let it get the better of me. While I’ve been getting in my workouts they’ve been half-assed and my eating has been WAY off track.  I’ve resorted to comfort food way too many times.  I don’t know why I believe the peanut butter when it tells me it will make everything better.  What?  I’m the only one who can hear the peanut butter?  I can tell that I’ve slacked, both on the scale and in how I feel.

New day, new attitude

portion fix containersBut that ends today!! I pushed hard in my Hammer & Chisel workout this morning (notice all that sweat on my shirt?) and I got my Portion Fix containers back out. No more half- assed workouts and no more “eyeballing” portions or resorting to comfort food!   Yes, I’m having issues in my home life but that should be a REASON to work out and eat right, not an EXCUSE! I need to be strong to help my little girl and myself!


Why am I sharing this?

– For accountability! Yes, I’m a coach but that doesn’t mean I don’t need help.
– Because I’m human! I fall off the wagon too. diminishing intent
– To show you that you can start or start over too, at any time!

You don’t need a New Year or month or whatever. Just a new day! What have you been putting off?  Start now!

Want to join with me? Contact me today and we can do this together!