Be Present -Don’t focus on the numbers


I had been planning a rest day today before starting a new workout program tomorrow .  Since it’s such a nice day out I decided to take my little one with me (she rode her bike) and I went for a walk.  I decided to focus on enjoying the movement and being present in the moment.


I used to walk just about every day for my exercise. I’d wear my Fitbit and/or a Heart Rate Monitor and focus on pace and calories burned. I’d get irritated if my kids were with me and wanted to stop and look at something, or if a neighbor was out and wanted to chat.   It was all about the numbers for me.

Therefore, some days I enjoyed it, but most I didn’t.  If I didn’t burn enough calories or beat my previous pace, I’d be upset.  And if I happened to be slower than normal, oh the horror! And worst of all, I wasn’t seeing results.


Enjoying the signs of Spring

Today the only gadget I had was my phone for some music. I waved to neighbors and stop to chat with a few. I looked at every pretty rock G wanted to show me and listened to whatever she had to say. When she wanted to ride farther ahead I listened to music.  I enjoyed the sun, the breeze and signs of spring.

I know how far I went because it’s the route I always take, however, I have no idea how long it took or how many calories I burned.  Best of all, I don’t care! 

Be present.  Enjoy the sun.  Listen to your kids.  Enjoy the moment!  Where ever you are, be all there!